Follow Mixing Directions for Minor Leaks

Shake contents of GEOLOOP LEAK SEAL bottle well before adding

Use an empty container that is two or three times the size of the intended amount of GEOLOOP LEAK SEAL to be added

Fill the empty container nearly half full of water and then pour in the GEOLOOP LEAK SEAL and shake or stir until well mixed

This product is nearly always compatible with glycol or antifreeze mixtures. If possible, premix a small amount of glycol or antifreeze, from the loop, into the container

If the solution turns into a buttermilk consistency, it would be advisable to purge the system and run the GEOLOOP LEAK SEAL through the loop with water, until you feel the leak has been sealed

Allow 48 hours before pressure testing up to the desired psi

If pressure holds, remove the water from the loop and replace with original solution


Prescribed amounts:

Add 8 ounces of GEOLOOP LEAK SEAL for each 5 tons of ground loop

Add 16 ounces of GEOLOOP LEAK SEAL for 6 – 10 tons of ground loop and increments of 8 ounces for every additional 5 tons of ground loop

Incorporate GEOLOOP LEAK SEAL into loop field by one of the following methods:

For preventative maintenance of vertical or horizontal ground loops, mix one 8 ounce bottle of GEOLOOP LEAK SEAL and add to the geothermal loop field while purging the system or by introducing it through the p/t provided the system is up and running and that re-flushing is not necessary

For troublesome loops, where water loss may be evident because of equipment age, poor connections, fusion joints, old PVC glue joints, or any other condition causing a system to lose fluid, first repair all of the obvious areas that can be found then add the prescribed amounts, as previously mentioned, to the ground loop as described above.

If the fluid loss is expected to be underground and there is the possibility of a bad fusion, add double the amount. Keep the loop pressured-up and give the GEOLOOP LEAK SEAL sufficient time to repair itself.


GEOLOOP LEAK SEAL is not ideal to use if pressure gauges, containing air spaces, are installed “in line” because the product could coat the gauge and possibly give an inaccurate reading

GEOLOOP LEAK SEAL helps coat all internal parts of the water passageway and slows scaling and deterioration of cast iron pumps which is a benefit. Scaling and deterioration causes pitting and pinholes, thus causing water to show a red colour (rust) which may result in future problems.

GEOLOOP LEAK SEAL is effective for almost any material and is also very effective at sealing improper or cross threaded pipe fittings.

Most installations do not run into leak problems, but if you do, GEOLOOP LEAK SEAL should solve many of the leak problems you may encounter in a geothermal installation.

I had a leak in a 36x16 vinyl inground pool. When I came back from a week vacation the pool had 2 feet lower level. By the time I figured out what to do, I was missing 3 feet. The product arrived in one day. One day later I had no leak.

Gabriel Popescu