Spas and Hot Tubs


: is a blended concentrated material designed to seal
leaks in virtually any material
: can be applied for leaks in the shell and works equally well
in plumbing
: will seal holes 1/8" in diameter
: will form a permanent seal

Use 8 oz. per 1,000 gallons for minor leaks.  A second bottle can be added for larger leaks.

Keep out of Reach of Children.
Can cause severe eye and skin irritation.  Do not get in eyes, on skin, or on clothing.  Harmful or fatal if swallowed.  Avoid contamination of food.  Rinse empty container thorougly with water and discard.

In case of contact, immediately flush eyes or skin with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes.  For eyes, contact a physician.  Remove and wash contaminated clothing before reuse.  If swallowed, drink milk, egg whites, gelatin solution.  It these are not available, drink large quantities of water.  Call a physician immediately.

*Shake Well Before Using*

1.  Bypass Filter before adding FIX-A-LEAK to water.

2.  With pump running add FIX-A-LEAK slowly through skimmer or in front of any other suction intake.

3.  FIX-A-LEAK is very heavy and will sink to the lowest point rather quickly.  It must be stirred back into suspension every 4-6 hrs. during circulation of water.

4.  Continue to recirculate water until the leak has stopped.

5.  After the leak has stopped, give it the proper time to cure (24-48 hrs.).  You may then return to normal filtration.

6.  Treatment can be repeated if necessary.

*NOTE*  Never allow cartridges or DE elements to dry before they are
                cleaned.  Rinse clean with water.

It is advisable, if your spa is a foam insulated type and has been leaking for a long period of time:

Once you determine the leak has stopped, drain your tub.  Properly wipe down the spa with a wet cloth, nothing abrasive.  Allow to dry for 4-5 days to all FIX A LEAK to properly cure.

Specializing in leak repair since 1980.